Deliver Relevant Content to Every Online Visitor
There is a simple equation that drives all web marketing strategies: less bounces + less abandonments = more conversions. Relevantor has the power to make this equation work for your business. Read more
Bounce Rate
It is estimated that 30% of visitors to an average website leave it within seconds because they can’t find what they came for. Relevantor was invented to solve this revenue-draining problem. Read more
User Engagement
By instantly displaying the most compelling and relevant content to every visitor every time, Relevantor can provide the kind of personalized experience that will keep your visitors engaged... Read more

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What Is Relevantor™?

Relevantor™ is a content optimization service that delivers relevant and appropriate content to every visitor on your website. By doing so, Relevantor will dramatically decrease bounce and abandonment rates while increasing the conversion rate and visitor engagement. The remote platform uses a relevant content algorithm to optimize your site’s existing content for the purpose of heightening interest and promoting actions on the part of the visitor. Sign up for free today!
Why Use Relevantor?

Whether your web site is targeted toward a specific niche or a general audience, Relevantor will allow visitors viewing your site to see the most relevant and appropriate content for them. You choose which parameters will enhance the impact of your site's content for each visitor, and Relevantor does the rest. The results? Limitless opportunities to put your best foot forward to your individual web visitors, no matter who they are, where they're from, or what they’re looking for. It's targeted web marketing at its best. See for yourself what a difference relevancy can make — sign up for free today!
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